Two years ago I stumbled upon this women's secret. In a lot of cultures women, tend to spend a lot of time going to the beauty salons and doing shopping. These activities serve multiple purposes. An important one is, of course, socialization with other women. However, what I realized that attending a beauty salon and shopping is the act of self-care. It works like this. Most of us have a lot of duties and busy days. We don't have a lot of time for ourselves. So going to the beauty salon and doing your nails is the ultimate act of self-care. Of course, you can do your nails at home, and it also works, because you are looking after yourself, and spending some time on your body. However, when you pay to do this for you you are saying to yourself “I'm worth it. I care for myself. I'm important and I deserve it." This is very important because it changes how you see yourself. It might sound a bit narcissistic. Like, why do you need to spend so much time on yourself? But I like how bell hooks defined that there is healthy narcissism, which is about self-acceptance and self-worth and pathological narcissism, which is all about the satisfaction of desires. Men used to do it too by going to the barbershops to get a hair cut and trim the beard. This is a good tradition. Get a massage, do your nails, get nice a haircut - take care of yourself. Because if you are not able to take care of yourself - you don't matter much to yourself. And you should matter. Good things grow from the sense of self-worthiness.

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