Cat person

I am a cat person. Not in the sense that I like cats more than dogs, but I see myself more of a cat than a dog. I am gentle and fluid and smooth. I do not care about food. Yes, I can be hungry, and I can eat your food. But I will not love you more just because you feed me. I don’t care about that, and I will never will. I perceive love differently. Can you stay with me while I have my mood swings? Can you stay with me when I am snarky or making punchy remarks? Can you stay with me when I don't want to see anyone and be by myself? Can you touch me and hug me when I need it? And accept that there are times when I can't receive touch? I am not a dog. I am much more complicated. I have a multitude of paradoxes inside me. I can crave for distance and closeness at the same time. I love and despise smartness at the same time. I can look at you with admiration, but I can also be completely detached. It is that simple. You wouldn't see full-time adoration in my eyes. I am not a dog. My love is not unconditional. It can be, sure, but not exclusively. I don’t accept you the way you are, because you feed me. I know you can be better. It’s about future for me too. Not only now. Now is beautiful and powerful but it's not enough for me. There can be more. I am demanding. I care about details too. I care about my looks, my brain, my body, my emotions. Everything matters. Not just food. I am a cat. Everything matters to me. I am a cat. I am gentle being. My touch gives you pleasure. But beware, I can bite and scratch your face. I am an intelligent being but I'm a wild animal too. Be genuine, pay attention, listen, care, and we will be good.

New York, San Francisco
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