Another day another lesson

Last weekend with a couple of friends I played questions game by The School of Life. The question was something like that: What is your trait that other people don't give you enough credit for? One of my friends said that he doesn't feel like he gets enough credit for the work he is doing. And that is where I've got caught. The interesting thing about this particular friend is that he looks very chill and calm and self-confident. In my mind, before this answer, I assumed he doesn't need affirmation or recognition. I always tried to provide positive feedback and encourage people who seemed down, not confident enough, or not happy. But it never occurred to me that the same is needed to the person who is relaxed and looks competent, self-aware. So his answer to this simple question made me rethink my particular behavior. From now on, I will try to provide positive feedback or acknowledgment of someones' actions to everyone. Whatever my perception of their state is and whether I think they need it or no.

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