1. Slavic Hospitality

    Explaining Slavic Hospitality

  2. Truth

    Catching Truth

  3. The Age of Constructive Conversation

    On the style of communication that is yet to come

  4. The Best Game

    Thinking about the nature of games

  5. Joke is on Us

    Effects of the comedy shows

  6. Overcoming my prejudices

    Learning my lessons. One lesson at a time

  7. Life as a Dance

    Dance as a metaphor of life

  8. Managers and Ministers

    Ministers are managers

  9. Eastern European Man

    The Man from the Eastern Europe

  10. Reduction

    Reducing ourselves

  11. Ukraine: Nov 2017

    Looking through the new eyes

  12. Issue with Tests

    Issues I have with personality tests

  13. Post-modernism

    Thinking about defining features of the modern world

  14. Soviet Union 2.0

    On similarities between modern world and Soviet Union 30-40 years ago

  15. On space exploration

    Exploring space exploration

  16. Non-believers

    Refusal to believe in the systems' stability in the modern world

  17. Implementation details

    Working on the wrong level of abstraction

  18. On obsession with numbers

    We live in a world driven by numbers

  19. On side effects of technology

    Evaluate new problems created by software technology

  20. On reading

    My relationships with reading

  21. On abundance and moderation

    World of everything and nothing

  22. People I am afraid of

    On people that on my opinion are the most dangerous for the society

  23. Phoneless

    On living a life without a smart phone in the modern society

  24. 5 years

    5 years. Self-reflections and planning the future

  25. Ukraine

    My take on changes in Ukraine in the last 5 years (2010-2015) and it's future

  26. Is History Harmful?

    Is history harmful and teaching it causes some serious problems in the long run?