Ukraine and Berlin 2018

from to date data
SFO MUC 2018-04-11 flight (LH459), transit, next day
MUC KBP 2018-04-12 flight (LH2546)
Kyiv, UA Lviv, UA 2018-04-22 train
Lviv, UA Kyiv, UA 2018-04-26 train
KBP VIE 2018-04-27 flight(OS662), transit
VIE TXL 2018-04-27 flight(OS231)
TXL FRA 2018-05-01 flight(LH179), transit
FRA SFO 2018-05-01 flight(LH454)
Went on a trip to Ukraine. Wanted to experience it as tourist. Went to Berlin for a few days on my way back to San Francisco.

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