Hawaii First Time

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SFO OGG 2019-05-24 flight (UA1725, 777-200), transit
Kahului, HI, US Kihei, HI, US 2019-05-24 car
Kihei, HI, US Kahului, HI, US 2019-05-27 car, transit
OGG SFO 2019-05-27 flight (UA1580, 737-800)
So I've read Sea People book recently and watched 180° South documentary that has small part about Rapa Nui. I also watched Gauguin - Voyage de Tahiti film. After getting all this information I was really excited to go to Polynesia. I didn't have time to go to Tahiti, so decided to visit Hawaii first. I went to Maui and spent few days in the small village of Kihei. To my surprise I didn't see any people of Polynesian descent. I saw street signs in the local language, but that was pretty much it. The island looked completely colonized to me. I knew that it was settled long time ago, but I guess I didn't expect the scope of it. Was a bit sad to reflect on this. However, the nature was beautiful. And I still have dream to visit Tahiti, Rapa Nui and New Zealand. Maybe I'll have better luck learning about Polynesian cultures in those places.

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