Europe Summer 2021

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JFK FCO 2021-07-01 flight (AA 236), next day
FCO CAG 2021-07-08 flight (AZ1563)
CAG FCO 2021-07-12 flight (AZ1590)
Rome, IT Florence, IT 2021-07-12 train
Florence, IT Bologna, IT 2021-07-14 train
Bologna, IT Venice, IT 2021-07-15 train
Venice, IT Milan, IT 2021-07-15 train
Milan, IT Zurich, CH 2021-07-19 train
Zurich, CH Paris, FR 2021-07-20 train
CDG EWR 2021-07-22 flight (UA 56), transit
Newark, NJ, US New York, US 2021-07-22 car
Saw Ukraine playing in Rome during Euro 2020! And did so many other cools things like surfing in Sardinia. Also visited Venice and attended Biennale. And even made it all the way to Paris by train to see a friend.

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