Central America 2013

from to date data
PTY MEX 2013-01-30 flight(CM136)
MEX CUN 2013-02-06 flight(VOI712), transit
CancΓΊn, MX Playa del Carmen, MX 2013-02-06 bus
Playa del Carmen, MX CancΓΊn, MX 2013-05-04 bus, transit
CUN MEX 2013-05-04 flight(4O2317), transit
MEX GUA 2013-05-04 flight (flight)
Guatemala City, GT San Salvador, SV 2013-06-11 bus
San Salvador, SV Tegucigalpa, HN 2013-06-22 bus
Tegucigalpa, HN LeΓ³n, NI 2013-07-07 bus
LeΓ³n, NI Managua, NI 2013-07-20 bus
Managua, NI San JosΓ©, CR 2013-07-23 bus
San JosΓ©, CR Panama City, PA 2013-07-25 bus
PTY GYE 2013-08-05 flight(EQ505), transit
First time in Central America. Covered all the countries by bus.

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