Сентиментальна історія

2 days
Mykola Khvylovy
★ ★ ★ ★
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2020-02-152020-02-173San Francisco


Small book with three short stories. First one was Сентиментальна історія - I hated it. The language used was strange, the topic was strange, the ending was sad. Very nihilistic story. It was the first one I've read from Khvylovy since school. I didn't understand what is all this hype about him being the best writer of that generation. But then I've read two other short stories Іван Іванович and Вальдшнепи - that was very different level of writing. Very modern - author was present himself, similar to Thomas Mann. The style was funny and brave. And the story line is interesting. Reading these two stories I realized why he was killed by Soviets. Romantic person who supported Revolution and socialism but in 10 years of Soviet rule got disillusioned. He even called out Stalin in Іван Іванович. What a brave act. That couldn't only end in the death of the author during the red terror.