All About Love

245 days
bell hooks
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2019-06-162020-02-16246San Francisco


I've read 60% of the book in June 2019, and the rest in Feb 2020. I think the book is interesting. But I don't think I learned anything groundbreaking. I found Erich Fromm book on love to be way better. This one had several problems:
  • it was messy and entangled multiple topics: feminism, love, American society, death, religion etc.
  • I felt that author described too much of her personal experiences and I felt that she wasn't over a lot of them
So those two problems made this book not that good. It didn't feel fully objective, because a lot of points were connected to personal stories with not fully processed emotions. Connection between feminism/machismo and love were not clear. I was just reading bunch of random ideas combined together. I found a lot of stereotypes described to be far from true in my personal life experience. Also, I'm writing this review in 2020. I think it's a first time I'm afraid to be truly open about parts I didn't like, even if there were a lot of parts I liked in the book.