Woman, Why did you do that? Iโ€™ve been by your side all my life. I saw your tears. I wanted to protect you from men. How stupid was I. I despised men and adored you. First as a mother. As a friend, As a partner, As a lover. But every time you betrayed me, woman. You didnโ€™t need my protection. You didnโ€™t care about me or value me. You betrayed me and hurt me every single time. And when you came back it was all too late. Part of me was dead. As a mother you abandoned me. I needed your protection in those rare moments. But you didnโ€™t care. As a friend and lover you always went somewhere else. You thought that Iโ€™m unbreakable and that youโ€™ll always be able to return. Woman, why canโ€™t you see? I have feelings. As any other man. Itโ€™s you who made me tough and emotionally inaccessible. I became tough not because of men, but because of you. You forced me to close my heart more and more with each year. You blamed masculine nature for inaccessibility. But wasnโ€™t you the one with whom I grew up? The one I went to school with and spend my adolescence and first adult years. You were the mother. You were the friend. Your were the partner. You were the lover. There are no one to blame for that. Not a mystical nature of men. I didnโ€™t grow up on a tree. I was abandoned and forced to close my heart. You numbed me. And only understanding of life itself can help to revitalize me. Woman, I know what life is. Iโ€™ll revive my heart and show you real love. Love that comes from knowing what is pain. The love that is non-judgmental and unconditional. Woman, youโ€™ll see. Past is the fuel for the love. The one who was really hurt canโ€™t hurt no one. Woman, you are like Mother Nature. Loving and deep and encompassing. But you are destructive force too. You are a hurricane, you are plague, you are tsunami. You give life but you can take it too. This is my pledge. I finally see the duality of life. I see the need for both sexes. I see the duality of each sex. And I see all of what there is inside myself.

San Francisco
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