Where Are You?

Where are you Neil? Where are you VΓ‘clav? If you couldn’t enlighten everyone then Who would do it now? Who is even concerned nowadays with humanity? Professors, presidents, directors. They have no vision and no wisdom. They do not seek knowledge And do not love people. They do not enjoy life And don’t believe everyone should either. Who would guide us? We have your books and we have memories. But we are weak and often distracted. What is the source for our strength? How do we start reading again? Instead of repressing our anxieties and fears with alcohol and media? How did you find the strength? What brought your love? How do we find unity? How do we find motivation? We are good only for consumption these days. It sucks everything out of us. It dumbs us and we are too weak and lazy to resist. Please, send us your strength. How did you go against ignorance and systems? Where did you get that energy? Who fed your dreams? We don’t have any of them anymore. Weak, dreamless, anxious, isolated creatures. We only have vague memories of the great heroes. We are in pain. Maybe this will unite us? Maybe our pain will create collective love? And love would give us energy. And with energy we will seek wisdom.

Berlin-San Francisco
Time to read:
1 min