Foolish me.

I thought I knew a thing.

Of course that arrogance comes with age and ego.

Foolish me.

I thought I knew what life is.

Of course, I didn’t.

How could I?

Living in a head

Would not provide an answer.

The same is right for living in a world.

The Truth is always in the balance.

It’s not here, and it’s not there.

It hides every time you try to grasp it.

It’s like a quark,

It’s opposite of what you just learned.

It jumps around the corner,

It hides from you,

And you always try to seek it.

It’s a phantom,

It’s a ghost that can’t bee seen.

The moment you grab it it evaporates.

And you need to start from scratch.

The Truth can’t be described,

It can’t be said in words.

It’s bigger than that.

It’s like a God, or better, like water

That you want to take with your bare hands.

You feel it, you are on the grasp of it,

And then it’s gone.

It might become ice or become a cloud.

It will be the source of life for flower or a tree,

for fox or for a bee.

But you would never be able to grasp the whole complexity of this.

How can water do this?

It will always be a speechless miracle.

Water can be calm or powerful,

The same is true for the Truth.

It holds every thing.

It holds polarities.

It contains Universe.

Sadness and happiness.

Joy and sorrow.

The Truth even contains falseness and lie.

Catching the Truth is like catching a bird by the tail.