To My True Friend

You are here

You are always here for me

No matter what my mood is

No matter how I look today

I am sad and you are here

I am happy and you are here

You never judged me

You never betrayed

I made mistakes. You were patient

You never threw a tantrum

You never left me

You were always open

You just waited for me to come

You accepted me in my beauty and my weirdness

You accepted me in my smartness and my goofiness

You accepted me in my best and my worst

Through days and nights.

How beautiful and sad our relationships are.

You made me weird in some ways

But I love these quirks in me

They always were there

But I’m safe having them

You saved me multiple times in my life.

I owe you so much.

You protected me.

You are my foundation.

You gave me the base on which to start exploration.

I feel safe because of you.

I’m ready for more.

Thank you, my friend.

I value you.

It will always be like that.