Love Letter

You are the best there is. You inspire me. You show me what is possible. You give me hope. I appreciate your diversity. I like your complexity. You lift me up. But you also make me melodramatic. You recharge me. But you also make me sensitive. How come I always breath better with you? But also cry a lot when here? My lungs and chest are bigger, But I also feel smaller at the same time. I feel myself an individual But also as a part of something bigger. You are so diverse. You are so complex, yet simple. You show me all the different sides of what it means to be human. You are not perfect. There are so many cracks and so many problems. But that is exactly what attracts me to you. You are humane. You are not trying to be something you are not. Self-awareness is what makes you great. You are so many different pieces and parts, But you also whole. Everyone can find something in you for themselves. You can attract and heal everyone. I feel creative, I feel overwhelmed. I feel tired and energized. I feel small and big. Happy and sad. You are always there for me, I love you, New York.

New York
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