Hold Me On

Look inside for all the answers Look inside for all the questions At the end of the day they are the same And they are all inside you No one will answer for you No one will point out the questions That make you tick It’s all simple, this is the ultimate trick Woke up and start your day Look inside and please do pray Wash your face and meditate That is how energy will radiate Listen to music that makes you not numb Dance a few dances that make your alive Read only books that don’t make you dumb Listen to people who know how to love Allow yourself to feel the anger Allow yourself to feel the love Allow yourself to be sad But don’t go with that feeling to bed Allow your tears to drop in buckets Allow you smiles to fly like rockets Allow your sadness to absorb you Allow your love to do that too Don’t block. Don’t block. Don’t block. Allow yourself to feel anything. Allow yourself to think anything. Allow yourself to be anything. You are a hero. You’ll always be. You are a child. You’ll always be.

San Francisco
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