Hey, why did you do it that way? Why did you have need to betray? You wanted out, and you wanted to be free Why not just ask, why needed you to flee? Why did you blame me for all the things? Why did you cut your own wings? Why didn’t you just stand by me? Why did you kill a kid in me? β€”β€”β€” You wanted drugs, and sex, and love, You wanted all those things above And what about trust my dear? It is indeed is super rare. You hide your wishes by the lie And no, no, no - you can’t deny You didn’t give a single try You made me cry, you made me cry. How can you be so ruthless, dear? How did forget you all that fear? That was denying you to live I stood by you, I was your peer. I trust you made correct decision, You liberated self, I wish you well I will not be sad, and I will not dwell The life will not stop for me as well. Enjoy, my dear, your new freedom. Enjoy it, cause I paid the price. Avoid the sadness and the boredom. I’ve paid for it exactly twice. Of course, of course, you are not a devil, But you did hit me in the middle of the heart, Of course, that wasn’t purely evil But you did tear myself apart. There is not much left to say, All I can do is pray, pray, pray. Pray for my heart, my strength, my life, Of course, because I’ve lost a wife.

San Francisco
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