A Little Prayer

In the senseless world of bigotry and desire we follow leaders we do not admire. We follow people we didn’t elect they abuse our brothers that we cannot protect. We do not pray since there is no one to pray to we do not obey since there are no rules too. But please, do say a little prayer make a small did shed a little tear you’ll be happier a bit. Please do avoid distractions and all angry news do not you live in abstractions and your anxiety will be reduced. Do not try to impress others you’ll only lose yourself and if you do not do that dear there would be no one left. Please always seek the Truth be the best person you can and after each mistake stand up and be a Man. Do not follow trends they will come and go try to make new friends with them, you’ll grow. When using your mind don’t forget about heart try being kind and not hit people hard. Pray, pray, pray dear pray for yourself it all depends on your dear ability to discover sense.

San Francisco
Time to read:
1 min