Welcome to my fitness wiki. Going to document my goals and what I want to do and how I do it. What I watched/read/tried.


This one is simple:
  • Loose weight
  • Gain strength
  • Make is sustainable
Those are my main goals. My weight fluctuated in the past 10 years between 69 and 82 kilograms. Reflecting on it I remember that I feel the best at my lowest weight. 69kg is not necessary, but 72-74 range is good enough. When I cary less weight I feel energized and more mobile and even more strong. I like the feeling of lightness and energy it brings. So that is my main goal. Strength is just a side effect of losing weight, feeling more energetic and actually doing exercises. I don’t care that much how my muscle look, but I like the feeling of strength. When I can win the goal playing football using my body, or pulling my body weight on various bars. Or being able to do surfing (requires tons of strength). I like that feeling of being able to climb difficult mountain on my bike or being able to run distance I never imagined. And obviously I want those things to be sustainable. I don’t want to loose my weight fast and then get it back two month later. The same with strength. I don’t need to become strong very quickly if I’m going to loose it again later.

KPIs for 2023

  • Get my weight down to at least 74 kg and maintain it for the most of the year.
  • Being able to do 12 pull-ups.
  • Run at least one half marathon. On Jan 10, 2023 I registered for my first one ever. In Warsaw on March 26. I have 10 weeks to prepare.
  • Do a week long biking trip.


I’m going to keep my journal here. Basically I’m trying to record what do I do each week.


  • Volume over intensity. I noticed it with running. When I do easy runs without trying to die, there is way higher chance I will run tomorrow. And my speed and distance automatically increase not by intensity of my runs but by quantity. Whenever I did regular common runs regularly - my numbers always increased.
  • I automatically loose weight when I skip one meal. Usually if I skip dinner(don’t eat after 6) I see that my weight goes down. If I do it few times per week - that usually is enough. It’s also possible to skip breakfast. Idea here is to prolong window when I don’t eat. Can be 14-18 hours. This basically sends signal to the body to start burning fat.
  • I actually enjoy feeling of being slightly hungry. I told to to my friend and he couldn’t believe me. But it’s a familiar feeling. When I don’t feel full, but slightly hungry I’m more energetic.
  • Changing my diet is not so important. Whenever I trained I still allowed myself some pastries and it all worked out. Don’t need to restrict myself heavily. As long as I skip one meal 3-4 days in one week and do exercise 3-4 days per week I’m going to get closer to my goals.
  • I cannot run when I had any type of spicy food (even moderately spicy). I always have stomach issues and it’s a challenge to run.


  • building routine is hard in general. It’s even more difficult for me since I move around a lot. Sometimes it takes time to find new running route, or place to do pull up. Restarting routines in a new place is challenging. Flights mess up sleep, first few days in new city I go out more, so it takes around one week to adjust.
  • Too much information online. I watched tens of hours of Youtube videos. Sometimes I watch more videos on the topic than actually do exercise. What helps me was starting to organize information. Eg if I like some exercise I will save it to this wiki.