My thoughts

  1. On abundance and moderation

    World of everything and nothing

  2. Issue with Tests

    Issues I have with personality tests

  3. Soviet Union 2.0

    On similarities between modern world and Soviet Union 30-40 years ago

  4. On space exploration

    Exploring space exploration

  5. Non-believers

    Refusal to believe in the systems' stability in the modern world

  6. Implementation details

    Working on the wrong level of abstraction

  7. Post-modernism

    Thinking about defining features of the modern world

  8. On obsession with numbers

    We live in a world driven by numbers

  9. On side effects of technology

    Evaluate new problems created by software technology

  10. On reading

    My relationships with reading

  11. Phoneless

    On living life without a smart phone in the modern society

  12. The City

    The City of Anger and the City of Love